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My Travel Highpoints

March 3, 2016

One of the reasons that I love to travel is because of architecture.

I love exploring unusual structures, castles, palaces and imagining what it was like to live there.  I have visited many castles and palaces in Germany. I was able to learn about the prince-electorate system of government and how the two rulers interacted between themselves and their subjects.

While in Germany, I was also able to travel to locations from WWII and view areas that were not so pleasant for the residents of the time.

In visiting the areas of England, I was able to stand in a turret along the wall that surrounds the city of Chester and compare a diorama to the surrounding fields and get a sense of what the battle between Oliver Cromwell and the monarchy might have looked like.

It is interesting to compare the images from TV series like Downton Abbey, Doc Martin, and Outlander to the actual locations that inspired them and think of the impact their surroundings had on the lives of those who lived there. You learn that the immediate vision that you see when you look at an elegant room in a palace was not all that glamorous for the occupants because it was not all that comfortable, required a lot of work to maintain, and perhaps was not enjoyed by them either. You also get the realization that those stark rooms in castles were actually very cold, dirty, and anything but majestic.

Another thing that I have gained from these visits is how much people have changed physically since these times.  If you look back to the medevil period it seems that the average person was no more than five feet tall!


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