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What is a Travel Concierge?

January 21, 2016

You might be familiar with what a concierge at a hotel does. Normally they are the go-to person for anything special that you need when you are staying at the hotel. Things like: dinner reservations at a special restaurant, tickets to shows or events, suggestions for sightseeing, etc.

Well, that is what I as a Travel Concierge do for you with regard to travel and vacations.

Here is my process for helping you with your plans:

  1. Build a travel profile with you
    1. How do you like to travel; air, rail, cruise, drive
    2. What type of room do you like
    3. What type of food is your preference
    4. What type of activities do you enjoy when you travel
    5. Passport information
    6. Loyalty programs you are a member of
    7. Where have you traveled before
    8. What places do you have on your “bucket list”
    9. What was the best/worst thing about your last vacation
  2. Now that I have this information, I start to research all the variables to make your next vacation more memorable than the last. I cover details door to door.
  3. I deliver advertisements and/or offers that are tailored to meet your indivdual taste

So you are perhaps thinking at this point that this all sounds expensive?

This is probably the point you did not want to discuss.

Here is the secret:


There is no charge for this service!

I receive a commission from the companies that I associate with. They are not necessarily the lowest priced ones, but they are also not the most expensive either.  I pick companies that offer the best value for the amount of hard earned money that you will spend.

I can often offer some amenities that you would not normally be aware of for no extra cost but a lot of extra enjoyment.

Why not call me and let me build your travel profile with me (remember the price?) and talk about what I can help you with?

Mike “Labdaddy” MacKenna

(512) 922.5993





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