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Find your “Magic Window”.

February 5, 2014


I found my “Magic Window” several years ago. It was really amazing!

We flew down to San Juan and boarded the Celebrity Galaxy. I didn’t notice anything right away.

When I woke up and looked out there was just a bunch of water as far as you could see. I looked again several times during the day and saw the same thing…water. Lots of water!

It wasn’t until the morning of my second day that something happened.

I looked out the window when I got up and there was an island right outside my room. I got very excited and went out and explored the island all day and had a wonderful time.

Then when I woke up the next morning and looked out the window what do you think I found? Yes, it was an island, but it was a DIFFERENT island! So naturally I had to go and investigate.  What I found was that everything was different too. There was nothing really the same as the first island at all. I was spellbound. I was then able to spend the night comparing the two islands and how much they differed from each other.

Well you can imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning and there was yet another different island outside. Once more I made the trek to discover what was on the island. What I found was amazing. They spoke strangely. It was another language. Fortunately the natives were friendly and we got on very well. We managed to understand each other well enough.

This strange magic continued for another two days with different islands appearing out side my window each morning. No two islands were alike.

Then tragedy struck!!!

On the sixth day the magic disappeared and there was nothing but water again. I guess I had used up all the magic.

Finally I was back where I had started and had to leave.

I have searched all the building supply places around home but they don’t sell any “Magic Windows”.

So, if you want a magic window of your own, you will have to contact me and let me help you find a “Magic Window” of your own.


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