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What in the world?

I hope the title caught your attention.

It was intended to make you wonder what this post is about because I wanted to share my ideas about the travel business.

If you have looked at my profile on any of my sites, you may have noticed that I only concentrate on a few specific areas for travel. I think these are the most common areas of interest for those travelers in my scope of contact. I have studied, toured and/or continue to keep current on what is happening in these areas specifically. I don’t feel that I can provide adequate support to travelers in areas other than these.

If I do have someone that wants to travel to areas that I don’t personnaly support, I do have a network of travel agents that I can refer them to based on where they are looking to go. The whole idea is to give each traveler the best experience they can get.


Hey RenFest Fans

If you are a fan of the renaissance themed festivals like RenFest, Scarborough Faire, Sherwood Forrest Faire, then how would you like to add a little more realism to your next adventure:

This takes place in a little town in Italy: Every year, a procession of 300 or more people wearing wonderful medieval costumes as well as many riders on their horses parade through Cortona’s historic center. The competition known as the Giostra dell’Archidado commemorates the wedding of Francesco Casali, Lord of Cortona, and his noblewoman bride Antonia Salimbeni of Siena, which took place in 1397. The crossbowmen from Cortona’s five quarters, “quintieri”, compete for a golden arrow. The contest is held in Piazza Signorelli. This feast is held in Cortona, a town in the province of Arezzo (southeast of Florence) and takes place in June.

I have all the travel information available and can assist any size of group. Contact me at:

Cortona Italy

My Travel Highpoints

One of the reasons that I love to travel is because of architecture.

I love exploring unusual structures, castles, palaces and imagining what it was like to live there.  I have visited many castles and palaces in Germany. I was able to learn about the prince-electorate system of government and how the two rulers interacted between themselves and their subjects.

While in Germany, I was also able to travel to locations from WWII and view areas that were not so pleasant for the residents of the time.

In visiting the areas of England, I was able to stand in a turret along the wall that surrounds the city of Chester and compare a diorama to the surrounding fields and get a sense of what the battle between Oliver Cromwell and the monarchy might have looked like.

It is interesting to compare the images from TV series like Downton Abbey, Doc Martin, and Outlander to the actual locations that inspired them and think of the impact their surroundings had on the lives of those who lived there. You learn that the immediate vision that you see when you look at an elegant room in a palace was not all that glamorous for the occupants because it was not all that comfortable, required a lot of work to maintain, and perhaps was not enjoyed by them either. You also get the realization that those stark rooms in castles were actually very cold, dirty, and anything but majestic.

Another thing that I have gained from these visits is how much people have changed physically since these times.  If you look back to the medevil period it seems that the average person was no more than five feet tall!

What is a Travel Concierge?

You might be familiar with what a concierge at a hotel does. Normally they are the go-to person for anything special that you need when you are staying at the hotel. Things like: dinner reservations at a special restaurant, tickets to shows or events, suggestions for sightseeing, etc.

Well, that is what I as a Travel Concierge do for you with regard to travel and vacations.

Here is my process for helping you with your plans:

  1. Build a travel profile with you
    1. How do you like to travel; air, rail, cruise, drive
    2. What type of room do you like
    3. What type of food is your preference
    4. What type of activities do you enjoy when you travel
    5. Passport information
    6. Loyalty programs you are a member of
    7. Where have you traveled before
    8. What places do you have on your “bucket list”
    9. What was the best/worst thing about your last vacation
  2. Now that I have this information, I start to research all the variables to make your next vacation more memorable than the last. I cover details door to door.
  3. I deliver advertisements and/or offers that are tailored to meet your indivdual taste

So you are perhaps thinking at this point that this all sounds expensive?

This is probably the point you did not want to discuss.

Here is the secret:


There is no charge for this service!

I receive a commission from the companies that I associate with. They are not necessarily the lowest priced ones, but they are also not the most expensive either.  I pick companies that offer the best value for the amount of hard earned money that you will spend.

I can often offer some amenities that you would not normally be aware of for no extra cost but a lot of extra enjoyment.

Why not call me and let me build your travel profile with me (remember the price?) and talk about what I can help you with?

Mike “Labdaddy” MacKenna

(512) 922.5993




Celebrate New Years in New York City!!!

  • Exclusive Party High Above the Crowds
  • View the Times Square Ball Drop from Indoors (23rd Floor)
  • Watch the Central Park Fireworks
  • Food and Open Bar
  • DJ Dance Music
  • Entertainment all Evening

Price: $699 without hotel accommodations. From $979 including 1-night hotel accommodation.

Contact: or call (512) 922-5993

10 Night China Vacation from Austin – $1699 per person

10-night China escorted vacation — including upscale hotels, Yangtze River cruise and roundtrip air from Texas cities — to $1699 per person.

This deal includes:

  • International flights to China from Houston, Austin or San Antonio
  • Intra-China flights
  • Six nights in Beijing, Xi’an (home to the Terracotta Army) and Wuhan (a major port on the Yangtze River)
  • A four-night Yangtze River cruise in a cabin with a private balcony
  • 27 meals, all transfers and English-speaking guides throughout
  • Sightseeing, admissions fees, taxes and various shore excursions, per the itinerary
  • Spring departures: March 3, 11, 19, 27; +$100 on April 4, 12, 20, 28; May 6, 14, 22, 30; June 7

Contact or call (512) 922-5993

Pirates! Islands! Treasure?

Do you have any secret Pirates in your family? Does the idea of finding treasure intrigue you?

How about a nice vacation on a tropical island that includes all these?

There are several islands that have special festivals celebrating with Pirate themes and you can look for hidden treasures that you are almost guaranteed to find by geo caching?

Don’t know anything about geo caching? No problem man, I’ll get you started.

I have all the information to plan a great vacation to live out your swashbuckling dreams.

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